Davide Rizzi Shihan

Davide Rizzi started to practice Kiaikido in Bologna in the early '80s, after various sport experiences and Karate practice. His first teacher was sensei Giuseppe Ruglion, 2nd Dan at that time. Through him Davide met Master Yoshigasaki and other masters of the Ki No Kenkyukai evoking his passion for Kiaikido.

Master Ruglioni was regularly visiting and teaching in Bologna for over 10 years. Following this he had appointed Davide, second instructor at that time, to be in charge of the dojo.

Till today the dojo is still active, it is registered with Ki No Kenkyukai as the Centro Ki‑Aikido Bologna. Davide had attended courses of many masters, as well as Doshu Yoshigasaki's seminars. Nontheless the relationship with Master Ruglioni always had been very special, uninterrupted continuing until his death a few years ago. During this time Davide has achieved the 7th Dan and continues to teach in the dojo and hold Kiaikido seminars internationally.